15 January 2014

forever ago

so I was going through pictures to choose a new screen saver, and I found this one.  I love it, and it brings me back to great times with the Bradys.  I have a few pictures to post about our Christmas and travels from a few weeks ago, but it will have to wait a few days (Krist, this is mostly information for you).  I am not feeling great these days and I can really only give my attention to about two projects a day, and today it will be making dinner this morning so my family has something to eat tonight and going to Costco to get some much needed fruit leather... I am currently addicted to it.  Other things might get done today, but it will be by accident... 

08 December 2013

Dear Kristen

And any friend or family member that also might look at our blog-- I am blogging! 
I haven't been neglecting updating family/friends on purpose, its just that, the time I have to blog is after the kids are in bed, totally uninterrupted minutes, but that also happens to be the time that I can't sit up straight in a chair and have to be in my bed on my side in case I instantly fall asleep.  I was able to take a nap today-- so hooray for updating the blog!
Also, I am using the laptop, so we have limited photos, the next time I blog,.... soon-ish, I will have a few more pictures.  But for now...
Annie driving the firetruck at the Children's museum.  I am pretty sure her shoes are on the floor in front of her and I am amazed that we haven't lost them yet.

Archie dressed and ready to go to his first soccer game of the season!  He loved playing, did his best and we had a lot of fun watching his team.  Mid way through the season we learned to stop yelling from the sidelines because he either didn't hear us, or got confused from too many different directives...

Pumpkin Time!  Yes it was about 98 degrees.... and we are on a hay ride in southern Arizona, but we did get some good pumpkins. I was about 5 months pregnant carrying a 10 pound pumpkin on the walk back with Annie insisting that she be carried as well.  My champ of a son decided he could carry the pumpkin for me...:)  we only made it about 8 feet, but it was the thought that counted.  Lately he has told me "I am sorry that you have to bend over mom, 'cause you are pregnant and it is hard for you, so you can ask me to pick things up for you."  Melt my heart. 

This guy.  Love him so much.  He is indeed climbing a make shift ladder (it is actually a motorcycle ramp) to the top of the recycling bin.  Note, he has on his work jeans, his work vest, his new tool belt from Uncle Devin and Aunt Kara, filled with tools from G &G Brady.  He moved his ladder around all morning 'fixing' whatever he could climb up to. 

New church clothes!  This was very nearly his favorite birthday gift.  He wore his 'church costume', as he called it, all week, and finally got to wear it to church and was telling everyone about it. 

He dressed himself as a missionary:)

Annie and Grammy Manker!  Our super amazing, fun trip to New Mexico for Thanksgiving.  My Aunt and Uncle live in the mountains of Albuquerque so there was snow:)  The kids got to go sledding, and play and get cold, it was delightful.  We had so much fun. 

Decorating the Christmas tree.  The tree is on a table, and it is only about 4 feet tall.  We started a new tradition of eating Apple cheese crisp for dinner, then decorating the tree as we talk about where the ornaments all came from.   Christmas music in the background etc, it is supposed to be magical.  Well, my visions of this tradition carrying on may have been squashed.  I was the only one who really wanted dessert for dinner, the kids didn't like it and Ben just doesn't like dessert unless he has had dinner.... as far as the rest of the night, it was magical, but there was a scramble to put ornaments up, two broke in the jumble, Ben and I were the ones who really cared about where they came from, but it was really fun nonetheless.  Archie has been very excited this year to put decorations up and to do anything that is a 'tradition'.  I love having a buddy to get excited with me about all of this stuff! 

Love this girl.  I think this picture is just after she had a mini tantrum because she couldn't get her bike to go.  But, we have definitely decided that helmets are always a must when riding anything with wheels.  Yes, she fell off her bike and slammed her head into the only metal panel within miles... the fire hydrant is on our property, so there is some kind of metal panel in the ground right next to it that switches things on or off or what have you.  I don't know how she did it, a giant bush was in my way, but when I heard her screaming her helmeted head was directly on the metal panel and I think she was more mad than anything because even though she was not hurt, really, she would not get up.  It was an amusing sight, Annie face down on the ground, helmet on, knees under her, hands tucked under her chest like she was nuzzling down for a nights sleep, but screaming.  I don't think she would have cracked her skull open, but there would have been blood.  She still sucks her fingers, and it is still cute to me, except for the time between her sitting on the toilet and walking literally two feet to the sink to wash her hands and she pops those fingers in.... c'mon, girl, you just touched the toilet seat all over, yourself, and probably a million other things I didn't see. 

08 August 2013

a bunch of pictures

Trip to New Mexico!  This was our jumping rock; we played here while we waited for our friend Sarah.  So much fun. 
This is our llama friend that lives near my Uncle Randy and Aunt Patty's home in New Mexico.  It was like an appearance out of nowhere, we were mystified.  Uncle Randy said if we were lucky we would get to see him walking around... and we did. 
Archie jumping. 

Me and Sarah outside the Georgia O'keefe museum in Santa Fe.  It was such a fun trip, just us and the kids-- very relaxing and great to visit with an old friend for the weekend. 
Me and the kiddos, ready to move on to something else...
Next phase of summer-- Utah!  Dad and Archie at wheeler farms in Utah. 
Smiley Girls:)
Bike parade!  Archie's bike is still mostly decorated, and this was about 2 months ago.  He LOVED it.

The only shot I got of all four 'big' kids playing at thanksgiving point.
The lovely and amazing Aunt Kristen doing Annie's hair.  We miss her so much. 
Annie taking care of Qunnie, sort of...
Movie day!  I got to take the three older ones to the movie theater, we had a blast, and it was only scary a little bit...
Archie adores little babies-- his favorite thing to do it 'let them hold my hand':)
Just a shy girl wearing a cute dress and tennis shoes.
Everyone gets their own seat on this plane!   It was great going, the way back, everyone still had their own seat, but mom was not as patient with arguing, climbing, needing to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes... we survived though and we'll do it again, someday, when I am not pregnant.
Uncle Zach reminiscing and trying to ride the spin-R-roo.  He is a little large for it these days. 
Showing off his new t-shirt, the hulk.  Also, notice that he is wearing long sleeves and long pants.  Yes it is summer in Michigan, though not as hot as Arizona, it was still plenty humid-- my guy just loves to be a 'worker' and workers only wear long sleeves and long pants. 
At the park with Grammy-- super fun afternoon. 
Cousins table!  Maya was not in this pic for some reason and Issac is just out of sight on the left side...
Maya and Annie eating breakfast together-- good friends.  We miss you Maya! 
Maya and Annie holding hands at the park-- while everyone in the background takes pictures:)
Happy Birthday Annie girl!!!  She turned 2 and we had cake and ice cream and lots of cousin and Grandpa and G-ma time. 
Grandpa and G-ma with all of the Manker Grandkids:)
Again, Maya and Annie:)  It seems Annie has become a little confused about her cake and how to use a plate...
Favorite birthday outfit, thank you Aunt Christy. She still loves it and NEEDS to have the blue shirt with the pink skirt. 
Not exactly a warm day at the beach.  We still had fun though.  Lake Michigan. 
Meijer was under construction so we got several pair of free construction hats (every time we visited...)
Archie documenting his sand castle-- you can kind of see the stones outlining it to the left of his shadow!
Trying out Grammy's Kayak!
Critter Barn.  Very fun day for everyone- almost.  I really enjoyed it, but the smells were too much in the end and my memories are tainted! 

Cutie pies. 
Children's museum.  It is hard to build when you are sucking on your fingers but she managed...
Super handsome little worker:)

Charlevoix!  This is about the only picture I got when we were up there.  I wasn't feeling the best...
Home again home again, thank goodness!  Archie was much happier right before and after I took this picture of him...
Off to the pioneer pancake breakfast!  Mom didn't go...